National Flag

Good Morning Friends...

Today I am here to share a work which is really close to my heart.

On August 15, 1947, India woke up to freedom. Decades have passed since, we continue to celebrate this day when we became a free and sovereign nation. 
I am extremely proud to be an Indian because I was born here. India is a vibrant country where you will find innumerable differences co-existing. Its myriad cultures has been an amalgamation of various civilizations. I love India and I have no reasons for it. It's just a feeling and every time I see the national flag I admire it, every time i hear the national anthem i get up naturally. 

I am extremely delighted that I got a chance to make something on India and I have never done anything patriotic before. This is such a beautiful concept this time at  IQCG.

I have quilled an outline of our National Flag.
Take a look...

I took this wallpaper design from google as an inspiration to quill on.
I hand drawn the outline and colored the required spaces with acrylic colors. Then I glued the 3 mm quilling strips on the outlines and some to the insides also.
It was really painful for my weak eyes to make those tiny patches... but i really loved the outcome.

Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment if you like / dislike my work.