Art Journal #18

Hello Friends,

This month my son will celebrate his birthday.
 As I was making his spider man photo booth and other small essentials he demanded, I thought of making a journal page for him.
Though he likes to interfere in all my art works as he loves coloring so much, this time he calmly enjoyed as what Mommy is making for him. He advised me here n there also.

So, let's take a look

First I applied gesso on the page and let it completely dry. Then some random stamping here n there. Then I painted the entire surface with acrylic paint. I mixed water to get a lighter shade and then cut some paper to make an uneven banner. I stamped the letters individually and then cut and glued on the banner. 
Next i stamped the small hearts and Butterflies, colored and hand cut them, then glued on the page.
The emotions are also stamped and glued to finish up the look.

If my works inspire u leave some love in comments below.

Every child is SPECIAL to their parents. I made this page for my son.
These strips and banners and the flower are from an OLD magazine, I used my NEW butterfly stamps, and painted the entire page BLUE.