Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Explosion Box...

Time for another Explosion Box.
These are quite exciting to make.
Every time u can add different layers, emotions, colors to them and they look pretty different from one another.
Here's the first look at the box..

So it's simple from outside. 
The tag and flowers add up to the color.
The first layer is 12"*12" inch and the inner layer is 10"*10".

The corners of the first layer are cut in heart shape unlike my previous box where these sides did not exist.

From inside it's a two layered card with 4 pockets.
Two pockets have two 3 layered tags to write ur emotions or pictures.
Rest two pockets are of the same size and also can be filled with tags.

The innermost layer is again a box. It's cover is decorated with a 3d flower. Chocolates r small gifts can be placed inside.

These are the handmade personalized tags for writing emotions or putting pictures.

This is the first layer of the card with colorful tags. All these can be rearranged and used any where as desired.

Thank you !!!